Born in the town of Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid), he is currently one of the most relevant and versatile pianists of his generation, as evidenced by his intense concert activity and his interest in contemporary music often linked to interdisciplinary projects.


He completed his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, and later perfected himself with the pianist Humberto Quagliata, finishing his studies in Vienna under the direction of Leonid Brumberg, in addition to receiving advice from pianists such as Phillip Dyson, Andrzej Jasinski and Alicia de larrocha.


He has performed in important venues around the world such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Auditorio Nacional in Madrid, Ircam-Centro Pompidou in Paris, Teatro Solís in Montevideo, Teatro Nacional in Lima, Teatro Mayor in Colombia, Zagreb Music Academy in Croatia, Palacio de Santander Festivals, Teatro de la Zarzuela, Palau de les Arts in Valencia, Persepolis Theater in Rio de Janeiro, Foz Palace in Lisbon, Auditorio 400, Auditorio Baluarte in Pamplona, Auditorio de León, Auditorio de Murcia, Auditorio de Zaragoza, ADDA Auditorium from Alicante, Berliner Klassik Sommer from Berlin, etc. in cities such as Tel Aviv, Vienna, Milan, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Florence, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Miami, and as a soloist in orchestras such as the Madrid Community Orchestra , together with the Company Nacional de Danza de España, Oquesta Sinfónica de Navarra, Berliner Camerata, Zaragoza Auditorium Chamber Orchestra, Grupo Enigma, with directors such as Josep Caballé Domenech, Manuel Coves, Johannes Schläfli, Fabián Panisello or Asier Puga. He has collaborated with musicians such as Michael Pochekin, Yulia Iglinova, Pilar Fontalba, Guillermo Pastrana, Meitar Ensemble and Sigma Project, among others.


He has made record and radio recordings with the Sonoris, Ibs, Universal, RTVE and Hrvatski Croatian Radio labels among others.


His firm commitment to the music of his time is fundamental, premiering, recording and performing in halls in Europe and America works, often dedicated to him, by composers such as Tomás Marco, Jesús Rueda, Sergio Blardony, Mercedes Zavala, Rebecca Saunders, Peter Ablinger, David del Puerto, Marisa Manchado, Inés Badalo, Sonia Megías, Nuria Núñez, Alberto Carretero, Mario Carro, Hermes Luaces or Mauricio Sotelo among others.


He is frequently required to teach masterclasses at different educational centers and universities in Europe and America such as Princeton University, William Patterson University, Florida International University, University of Costa Rica, Tel Aviv Conservatory, etc.


His recordings include the Cd “Adalid: el piano romántico” for the Universal label, the cd “Tomás Marco: piano Works”, a monograph with piano music by the composer Tomás Marco for the Ibs Classical label, “De Sonatas y Fandangos”, monograph with music by the composer Félix Máximo López (1742-1821), recorded for the Cezanne Producciones label, or “Ricercata: Great Masters of the 20th Century”, in which Mario Prisuelos shows some of the fundamental composers of the 20th century.


He is the founder and artistic director of the Festival Asisa de Música de Villaviciosa de Odón, where he was named Hijo Predilecto in 2016.



Emilio Lacárcel, Opera World "Magnificent interpreter, whose good taste in the execution and expressiveness with which he plays is indisputable" REVISTA SCHERZO "The sweetest expression and the softest nuances." MELÓMANO "The modulations of the matíces, its good rhythm and the beautiful phrasing manage to transfer the music equipment reaching to the deep songs of our hearts."